The Livability Poll

Generating a deeper understanding around the quality of life for residents in California’s Capital region.

The Sacramento Region is known and valued for its friendly, “small-town feel” that comes with convenient “big city amenities” and a diverse population. While residents say a high quality of life is important to them and their families, survey results show that major issues like poverty, inequality, high housing costs, homelessness, and concerns about how we will grow are making the path forward unclear.

What does
the Data Say?

Residents in the Sacramento region enjoy a high quality of life overall, take pride in the community, engage with others, value diversity, and enjoy what the community has to offer.

Data points:

of respondents report satisfaction
with their quality of life
feel a sense of pride and
attachment to the community

Respondents report being involved in their communities, with about


participating in community service and about the same agreeing that people in their community help each other in times of need.

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Respondents value diversity.


agree that their community is “welcoming to people like me” and about


regularly interact with people of different race and ethnicity and feel that their community is inclusive.

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Respondents use community amenities:


of respondents report going regularly to a farmers’ market.

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There are tensions

under the surface.

Poverty and growing economic disparities are eroding the quality of life and becoming more visible. Lack of affordable housing, homelessness, issues of safety, food insecurity, and disagreement about how we should grow is dividing our communities.

Data Points:

ate less than they should in the last year because they didn’t have enough money, and the same amount regularly get food from food pantries.

Affordable housing is strongly identified as a high priority.

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say quality housing for people with moderate to low-income is needed in their communities and difficulty with affording rent was often cited as hardship.

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Homelessness is a major concern.

of respondents said that it is the most pressing regional concern in an unaided, open-ended question, and
see high visibility homelessness as a problem.

Safety was cited as a problem.

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of respondents said that it is the most pressing regional concern in an unaided, open-ended question, and
do not feel safe walking around at night.

Sacramento region residents do not have one vision for how we should grow.


of respondents want to slow down on building new housing


want to speed up on building more housing

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